From evolution
to revolution


The biological therapeutics opens an incredibly hopeful new road for human health, with the main role of Peptones.

These natural nutrients contribute to a high concentration of core substances for cellular repair with a key feature: the organ-specificity: A type of “Zip Code” that allows each peptone reach the specific organ for which it has been developed. The contribution of bioactive peptides with all their vital capacity helps revert and repair cell damage in specific organs. The cells can use these nutrients as genuine material in their metabolism. In this manner, peptones action helps delay, revert and prevent organic wear demonstrations.

It has been an enormous challenge which Linfar could overcome with great satisfaction to accomplish the comprehensive development of these organ-specific cellular nutrients. Today, it is possible to solve a problem at cellular level, restoring and reactivating biologic functions of the human being, thanks to an innovative approach in all the world.