Intelligent nutrition for beauty and health

When the concept of beauty recovers its true meaning and is reborn from the interior of the cell, the scope is unimaginable. Today, Key Elements® offers the ultimate generation in cosmetic care which protects and restores biological activity in the core of the skin, in the most natural way.

Its scientific formulas incorporate organ-specific nutrients Peptine® with all its vital capacity, which act over the nucleus of the cell, regenerate the organic balance and skin structure, and diminish the effects of wear due to the passing of time, environmental conditions, tiredness and stress, among others.

Its bio-disposition or complete assimilation on the part of the organism, which metabolizes it as its own, allows the deepest reach and obtains results which are impossible for the traditional cosmetics.

That is why, today, more than ever before, beauty is the result of internal health.

Results approved by the most innovative research centers

The benefits of Key Elements® align with the researches conducted in prestigious centers worldwide, being Bradford Research Institute (USA), the Institute for Biological Research (Belgrade, Yugoslavia) and the University of Heidelberg (Germany) pioneers, together with the contributions of recognized professionals such as Prof. Dr. Paul Niehans (Sweden), Dr. Franz Schmid (Germany) and Dr. Alexis Carrel (France).