Innovation in cellular nutrition

Peptonum Linfar® is a highly safe and efficient cellular nutrition answer that offers a revolutionary revitalization at a global level. It consists mainly of peptones of exclusive formulation, it protects and restores with a very high level of specificity damaged biological functions. This implies the real possibility of reverting inefficient processes in cells which helps ill organs and tissues recover from any problem.

It also helps stimulate the immunological system and is an excellent coadjuvant in chronic or already existing illnesses. It can even be used as a unique supplement, without the need of additional treatments, always under doctor supervision.

The results are excellent and it has been proved in the most important research centers of the world.

Results aproved by the most innovative research centers

The benefits of Peptonum Linfar® align with the researches conducted in prestigious centers worldwide, being Bradford Research Institute (USA), the Institute for Biological Research (Belgrade, Yugoslavia) and the University of Heidelberg (Germany) pioneers, together with the contributions of recognized professionals such as Prof. Dr. Paul Niehans (Sweeden), Dr. Franz Schmid (Germany) and Dr. Alexis Carrel (France).