100% safe for human health
Peptonum Linfar® is a highly safe product line. It has no contraindications, side effects or intolerances of any kind, independently of the person’s age.

It does not contain cells, proteins, drugs or hormones. It has no fat, sugar or other products that are not proper of the natural composition of each tissue. Besides, its formula does not incorporate flavoring or coloring substances.

It has an outstanding gastrointestinal tolerance, even in patients with ulcer or gastritis antecedents. It does not produce liver disorders. It is not addictive. It does not present antagonisms. Superior than recommended ingests do not produce damage of any kind; it has no overdose complications either.

Because of its nature and composition, we recommend you to ingest Peptonum Linfar® always on an empty stomach or, preferably, thirty minutes before main meals.

Vials: 1 to 2 drinkable vials every day.

Drop bottle: 45 to 75 drops in 10 to 15 ml of water, every day. Pills: 1 to 2 pills every day.

IMPORTANT: Your doctor advice is irreplaceable. This site is only informative. Check that your diet supplement has the corresponding number of certificate granted by the appropriate public health body.