To be recognized
by our


Progress and achievements Linfar have allowed the recognition of the scientific community, and today regarding consolidated in Nutrition and Biological Revitalization in Latin America.

His outstanding work and excellent career have been awarded by the International Organization for Medical Research and Training -IOCIM- with highest distinction awarded: "Prize to the Medical Achievement by for a Better Life". This award especially recognizes those who provide ideas and tools to transform current societies towards a better quality of life for humans, emphasizing health as a basic right of every person.

Linfar laboratory was also awarded under Successes Awards Awards as one of the best companies in Latin America, for excellence in management, for their vision, performance, innovation, growth and efficiency, which have allowed to make a difference in their receptive market. Among those supporting this assessment are the University Eloy Alfaro (Ecuador), the University of Lomas de Zamora (Argentina), the University Ricardo Palma (Peru), the Technical University Private Cosmos (Bolivia), the Columbus University (Panama), the Experimental de Guayana (Venezuela) National American University and -OLA- Management Organization (Paraguay).

Result of its ongoing commitment to health are also important links established with leading research centers and study in the area of medicine internationally. Moreover, consistently receives the support and advice of researchers and experts from CONICET (Center for Research and Studies on Culture and Society) and the Ministry of Industry of the Nation (Argentina) to continuously optimize its internal systems, their industrial and technological processes ensuring the highest quality in all its developments.