Max Training

High endurance Completely hydrating and energizing beverage for athletes and sportpeople of high endurance.


Amino Tech

High endurance BCCA Complex Less wear. More muscle tone. Anti-catabolic physical recoverer


Pro Calcio

Exclusive bone restorative. It promotes the regeneration and revitalization of bone and dental tissues with active bio-nutrients.


Nutra Flex

Restorative. Bioactive nutritional complex that revitalizes and regenerates articulations, muscles and bone system.


Full Relax

Multivitaminic complex Cellular nutrition specific for preventing, relieving and reverting stress effects. A relief for the body and the mind.


Energy Plus

Powerful energizer and general revitalizer. With exclusive bio-molecules for men and women.



Weight loss product. Energizer. Powerful body reducer. Provides cellular nutrients that help in the regularization of the neuroendocrine system.


Full Protein

Replaces meals. Protein mix of high biological level, used for weight loss, decreasing of body fat percentage and/or develop muscular mass.


Creat Plus

High endurance. More energy. Less tiredness. More muscle mass. For weight-lifting sessions and high intensity sports.


High Fuel

Re-hydrating. Isotonic beverage of fast and maximum absortion. Maximum hydration.


Flex Defense

Restorative. Active life without articular pain. Anti-inflammatory and natural reliever, no corticoid. For arthritis and arthrosis.


Factor Antiage

The best multivitamin and antioxidant complex. Helps delay aging, acting from the interior of the cell.


Full Life

Complete multivitamin complex. Increases energy, strengthens immune system and improves physical appearance.


Pro Slim

Weight loss product. Helps reduce weight without being hungry. Fat burner and cardio-vascular protector. With cellular nutrients Peptine®.


Full Nutrition

Replaces meals. Complete nutritional mix, without fat, ideal for replacing meals, put on weight and gain muscular mass.