Healthy nutrition for a fully healthy organism

Vitalil proposes a revolutionary line of dietary supplements that incorporate Peptine® organ-specific cellular nutrients in order to counterbalance the hints of physical and intellectual wear and dietary deficiencies.

The action of these bio-molecules with all the vital capacities together with the properties of vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients that allow the restoration and reactivation of biological functions as never reached before, acquiring more energy, more endurance, better recovery and the best general wellbeing, from the cell core itself.

That is why, today, Vitalil makes a really deep change possible in the nutrition of all the family, with a natural and safe option that takes care and preserves, in exceptional manner, organ and tissues health, with very important benefits for a better life quality.

Results approved by the most innovative research centers

The development of Peptine® and its incorporation to nutritional aligns with researches conducted in prestigious center around the world, being the Bradford Research Institute (USA), the Institute for Biological Research (Belgrado, Yugoslavia) and the University of Heidelberg (Germany) pioneers, together with the contributions of recognized professionals such as Prof. Dr. Paul Niehans (Sweden), Dr. Franz Schmid (Germany) and Dr. Alexis Carrel (France).