100% safe for human health
All the products of the Vitalil line are highly safe. They do not contain cells, drugs, amphetamines, narcotics, steroidal anabolic substances, diuretics or hormones. They do not add fats or coloring substances.

Besides, they have an optimal gastrointestinal tolerance, they do not cause liver alterations, do not generate addiction and they do not present antagonisms.

Because of its nature and composition, it is highly recommended to take pills and tablets of the Vitalil line before the main meals.

Pills:2 pills a day, preferably before lunch and dinner.

Tablets:2 tablets a day, preferably before
Powders:one to two portions dayly
Components act effectively, independently of age. On day 30 to 40 you already notice the beneficiary effects of general character; the specific results Can be observed from the 90 days on, according to multiple factors of individual character.

IMPORTANT: Your doctor advice is irreplaceable. This site is only informative. Check that your diet supplement has the corresponding number of certificate granted by the appropriate public health body.